>Thank God We Are Safe!!


Today it rained. In fact it is raining. We karachiites have been dying for this day. Our weather experts, who make predictions based on Google weather reports and boast about their specialist knowledge of nature’s mood swings, said the coming cyclone is going to pound the city’s coastal areas with unprecedented fury. To be honest, I got very excited; but nothing of this sort happened.

Common sense dictates people should run away from cyclones, but we karachiites are so desperate that the news of a coming cyclone dragged families to the beaches, as per TV channels. Footages from the beach showed men with their shalwars folded well-above their knees went deep into the waves to welcome the supposedly infrastructure-shattering storm; and women, their hijabs tightly clung to their obese bodies, cheering their macho-men from the fences. There were children too: waving their Papas.

We are all disappointed. But we have to make a face that reflects concern. So we have to behave like “Thank God! The cyclone drifted away at the last moment or else there would’ve been a major disaster…and blah blah. We have to. But deep in our heart each and every karachiite wanted some felled trees, a few giant signboards crushing some cars beneath; a few exciting deaths, for instance, a young boy electrocuted while a metal wire split up from a pole or was eaten away by monstrous waves while loafing around in Sea View; some fishing boats missing with their occupants. We all prayed for such a storm, didn’t we?

But no, we can’t say it loud; we have to look glad. So thank god that we are safe.


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  1. >lol u r so rite…..but we got the death part….because of the rain.

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