>My car is on Shahra-e-Faisal and I am watching it go by.

I think about the time when I was little and would visit Karachi, from Daharki. How the brightness and the vastness of the road would mesmerise me every time I went past it. How I would stare and wonder at the huge billboards and wonder at the brightness of the city…

I think about the time when I had my O level exams. How I would dread as the car approached Regent Plaza… I think of the goose bumps on my skin and butterflies in my stomach every time I see it.

I think about the time when I would tease Madiha as she listened to “Maula meray Maula”. I think of how sorry-for-ourselves we would feel going to school on Saturdays, and how I used to hate Physics practical because I was so bad at them. I think of how we would listen to one cassette the first year, and another all of next year, till all of us in the car know all the songs by heart. How Uns and Madiha would discuss the Bollywood trends and movies and MJ and I would be gazing each other helplessly. How we would grow sick and tired of the songs but still listen to them because it was fun to see the head of our driver bobbing to “You’re my love, my love, Janay jan you’re my love”. How I prayed that this road would somehow grow shorter so that we could get home early and escape the unbearable heat. How, we would raise the volume so that his ranting could be drowned in the noise of the music and we would be saved the noise of his incessant belching…

I think of all the times I see this road, and each time it shows me a different chapter from my life. I think about how I used to anticipate seeing this road when I was little, grew to hate it when I grew up and then learnt to love it again as I grew more.

I think of how much of my life is part of this road, and how much this road is a part of my life…
I think of countless others who are parts of this road’s history, and how this road is a part of Karachi’s history…

My car is still on Shahra-eFaisal, and I am watching it go by …



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7 responses to “>Shahra-e-Faisal

  1. >Thank you love! 🙂

  2. >this is so touching…..and so true. attachment to little objects is so painful yet beautiful….:)

  3. >hahahahahi loved it!!

  4. >Anonymous: Yes its true… Madiha: LOL !! I miss your siinging to maula meray maula 😛

  5. >Shahrah-e-Faisal used to be called as Drigh Road during the days of the Raj …

  6. >hamara no zikr… whr r v?

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