>of conspiracies and rituals



By Sidrah Gufran

I am reading the news online and meanwhile going through my facebook updates, there is a columnist condemning the Ahmedi attack and Israel, news about a 17 year old Kashmiri student shot dead and so on. Complementing this news are facebook status and links people have posted on their profiles: some condemn attacks, some call on to the muslim ummah to boycott western products, others are just well random soppy “emo” messages, not uncommon when you’re young.

This might just be my catharsis of the society, and let’s be real I am no social analyst, but we live in a confused society, and we belong to an even more confused generation. From the minute we step into our formal education system we are bombarded with national heroes and role models who are shown as impeccable beings, free of any human faults. Some of us strive to be them, others just give up.

As we grow up religion as is talked in our “man-made” books is taught to us as a set of rituals and rites, a slight deviation from which mite result in us being declared “heretic”. So we carefully follow each and every rule in the book, eying with suspicion every one who thinks or does different, forgetting each time that as long as mankind inhabits earth no two people may think alike.

We grow on to believe the numerous conspiracy theories that are rampant in the media, and cling on to each for dear life, with the belief that this little act is what will actually “perish evil and of course, truth (your interpretation of truth) will sustain”. Each one of us at sometime in our life vows to boycott all foreign products, and then gives up mid way because the list is too long and well temptation is hard to resist.

All this is done while forgetting each time that the enemy is not lying outside, it is not some alien power ready to pounce on you, your enemy is merely you.


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2 responses to “>of conspiracies and rituals

  1. >agree…. we have no control over our own actions.. controlling or changing others is way too big a task…

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