By Sidrah Gufran

It’s funny how some one who’s been there around the corner, all the time becomes a memory when one fine sunny day death decides to knock your particular door. The next day that life brings to you then is hard to adjust to. That one particular person that you had gotten so used to, is not around. You fight back tears, cling on to old memories, take time to finally get over the fact that this particular person is there no more. You vow to visit his grave every day, but as life moves on the visits become weekly, then fort nightly and then gradually once every year.

The truth is human beings though resistant to change adapt and accept. It is hard to not move on.

A friend’s eighteen year old sister died once. The death was sudden and unexpected, the family deeply anguished. For three days he murmured nonsense by my side, reminisced about the past, sobbed his heart out; the fifth day when I went to visit the family he told me he was tired of crying. That day we laughed till we cried. One awkward moment was when I uttered my signature “khair hai” after every little joke, and he said “you’re so stupid, there’s nothing “khair” about the moment.”

I was quiet for a few seconds, scared that I had crossed the line, and then spontaneously we both broke into hysterical laughs. His mother joined in.

And so a couple of months down the lane things if not perfect were pretty much “khair”.


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  1. >I can relate to this. Well written!

  2. >we all can at some point in our lives:) thanx iman

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