>Morals and Ethics 2


In my previous post I was trying to distinguish the fine line between ethics, morality and law.
To conclude I only have to say what Socrates said: morals are innate. The ability to distinguish between right and wrong is within oursleves.
That only established the fact that ethics are implied by the society at large.
Now I will get to the point. The reason for all the brouhaha over ethics and morality and law is this: Being Pakistani citizens, we are subjected to its rules and regulations– just as we are subjected to the regulations of our university or any other country when we go into it. We are legally bound, and ethically bound as well to follow the regulations and do what is in our power to benefit the organisation whose regulations we are subjected to.
However, remarkably Pakistanis seem to take pride in the fact of breaking every possible rule and ridiculing it over every drop of a hat. Being Pakistani seems to sink them into embarrassment and they do everything in thier power to convince others that they have no regard whatsoever for their country’s laws or system, in the hope to redeem themselves.
How would you like if someone came to your house and ignore all your “ways” of doing stuff? Being Pakistanis has become a burden on many. Whining about it wont do any good!! Your home is what you make it, and your country is what you make it too! What amazes me is the callousness which Pakistanis treat their country. It is the utter absence of moral obligation that come with ownership. Utter lack of committment to their society. For when we commit to something, we become ethically and morally bound to fulfill our responsibilties.


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2 responses to “>Morals and Ethics 2

  1. >"Your home is what you make it, and your country is what you make it too!" Too true!Being Pakistani is not a burden and personally, as I learn more about the world, the prouder I am for being who I am and where I belong 😀

  2. >it is the religion that makes you moraly and ethicaly a right human being without the divine laws hig moral values cant be achieved this is what history tells even in western socities when the CHURCH or CLERGY wer controlling all the state affairs western socities were moraly and ethicaly very much good socities and same is our(muslim) history…it is not the LOVE for pakistan not nationalism that makes u moraly good or brings change but the time one starts follwing his religion all problems starts getin solved …

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