>a day in the life of a novice reporter


By Sidrah Gufran Roghay

When I first started interning at a local newspaper I was thrilled when I got my first reporting assignment. At five o clock I called the extension and asked for a car.
“Are you an intern, madam?”
“I’m sorry we don’t provide transport to interns.”
“So why do they send them reporting?” was my irritated reply.
“Sorry madam but this is the newspaper policy.”

The absurdity of the situation was now getting on my nerves. I went to my boss. She tried to help me using Google Map, all the time telling me to make use of technology when I can. Next came the landmarks, “You go to sunset club, Abdul Shah Gazis Mazar, 26th Street……”

I kept muttering “I know the places, getting there is the problem,” but to no avail.

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

In the end she put me in a Rickshaw and bid me farewell.

“Shah Jehan Auditorium” I kept repeating the venue. Once on 26th Street, I looked left and right for the building but to no avail. After numerous exchange of calls, and being lost for half an hour, just when I was about to give up I saw a building under construction, with a paper plastered on it saying “EHAN AUDI”. I decided to play my last card, and guess what, that place turned out to be Shah Jehan Auditorium with a couple of letters missing! Welcome to Pakistan!

So then an irritated reporter irritated the interviewee, and produced a perfectly irritable piece of literature.


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3 responses to “>a day in the life of a novice reporter

  1. >lolx. I can understand your predicament considering how good you are in finding routes 😛

  2. >=Dlol…how irritating..

  3. >So ths is wat u wer excited bout d other day :P:P

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