>Of fake degrees and melodrama…


Tehmina Qureshi

In the news today, there was a piece about a member of our National Assembly who allegedly, by the media, has a fake degree. The person in discussion claimed that the news on the media about him having a fake degree gave a heart attack to his mother…
Then he said that degrees of all the journalists should also be authenticated, on which the journalists in the National Assembly staged a mock protest and walked out of the National Assembly session.


Now another woman member of the National Assembly decided to take it another level with her tears. She, bemoaned that she was answerable to no one but the governement and the people and actually cried while she addressed.
Come on, seriously???

The first gentleman and his family should know, that since he is part of one of the highest and elitest bodies of the government, allegations and scandals are part of the package. And who would know better than him or his mother if the gentleman had a real degree? She would be the one who would have beaten him to study wouldn’t she? And expect the media of Pakistan to behave responsibly when it is still trying to find its bearings is totally absurd. Although I am a part of the same media, but calling a spade a spade is another matter altogether. If the government officials are so worried about the media blowing things out of proportion then why give permits to every other Uncle X with a ton or half a ton of money to open channels? Then why do leaders of political parties have their own media monoplies of newspapers and TV channels to propagate thier own agenda? They should create more logical parameters for journalism through PEMRA instead of watching what films should e banned. But then, that would mean they are doing their job…
As far as the authentication of degrees of journalists go, sure, fair enough… But most of the time journalism too, has its very own agenda just like politics. Don’t we have enough brouhaha already to distract us from the real issues? Look where the fake degree of Jamshed Dasti got him: a re-election!

And someone please tell the feline- oops! I meant, female member of the National Assembly that the media does just that…it communicates between you and the Awaam you are answerable to. But, the question is if she is ready for one?

The question isn’t of authentic or fake degrees… It is of education and degree, which is more important. I guess you and I both know the answer!


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3 responses to “>Of fake degrees and melodrama…

  1. >awsum tehmi, iv read a lot of u..this is by far the best!!

  2. >It's not about the degrees ( as far as I'm concerned I'm okay with a semi-literate politician ) as long as he is honest with the people who have voted for him ! P.S. As far as Mr.Dasti is concerned, the people of his halqa are satisfied what he has done for their well-being despite an uneducated person !

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