>Lost for words

> The most difficult thing about writing is choosing what to write on. The transition from one article to the next is always a pile of unplanned adventures or disasters. Worse than that, is the wait; to be inspired. In my experience inspiration can strike from everywhere and anywhere like a terrorist attack, and when it does you are no more in control of your thoughts and sometimes, your actions as well…

The other day I began to fish my mind for a potentially interesting topic. I plopped down on my stomach, laid my stuffed crab beside me, closed my eyes, and waited for inspiration to strike. Trashing all the other thoughts, I waited. Then I had this irrepressible urge to change my side, which wasn’t letting me focus on the abstract thinking. I changed sides. Emptied my mind again, and waited. After a while my arm began to itch. At first I ignored it, not wanting to disturb my meditation for writing. I ignored it till it began to be the only thing I felt and thought about. Scratched my arm, sighed in relief, and began again. The phone rang. I got up grudgingly and picked up the phone. It turned out to be a friend and I laid out my dilemma. She listened and put up for a while till she bagan on the dresses she was getting made for her brother’s wedding. The brainstorming lasted and hour, after which I had scores of ideas; but only about my wardrobe. And that, took all of my three hours reserved for this purpose.

Just like all other things in life, writing material too hits me in the face when I can least entertain it, let alone expect it, and I mean that literally. For example, last time I had a great idea of a story, I was in the shower. By the time I emerged the idea had flowed down the drain from my head along with the shampoo. Another time, I had an idea, and I began to write… I wrote ferociously till I realised I was soaked in sweat because there was no electricity. Then, I woke up because there really was no electricity!

At a classmate’s birthday party, inspiration struck me like bad karma. Not willing to let go of the idea I frantically looked for something to write on. Found a napkin and stole a pen from the resturaunts counter. My classmate watched me with confusion at first and then open irritation as I scribbled like crazy all during the dinner. I have never been invited to any other occasion ever since.

I even tried brain-food. I ate iron fortified corn flakes twice a day, ate a lot of nuts, drank milk like a desi wrestler and swallowed raw eggs on an empty stomach and an even emptier mind. I went for a jog in early mornings, since my Nani had told me that excercising in the dew sharpens the mind. Result? Dropped ten pounds, looked amazing and felt great. Found my inspiration to write? No.

And yes, I am still waiting… any ideas?


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10 responses to “>Lost for words

  1. >hehe..nice one! Naureen

  2. >thanks a ton Naureen 🙂

  3. >Hahahaha good one larki! Welcome to my world… Bhaee idea to W 11 (bus) ki tarah hai, jab intezar ho to ati nahi, aur jis din F18 chaye ho to sirf W 11 hi guzarti hain samne se, Kanbakht! 😛 keep up with raw eggs!

  4. >awesome piece of writing woman 😀

  5. >great work gal… m impressed. Bohot agaey jaogi larki tum 😉 Thumbs up – Meena

  6. >wah rey a lot of inspirations coming ur way!!!

  7. >LOL at the W11 Sabina Baji… I so know what you mean! Ayesha and Meena Baji bohat bohat nawazish! And Sidra: not a lot… but the lack of inspiration inspired me! 😉

  8. >LOL awesome…..loved it…..:))))

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