>Horton heard a who, so did we!


The last few weeks have been very unfortunate. I haven’t been posting since I had no words that would be appropriate for the immensity of the spate of tragic events Pakistan has been lately subjected to. All I can do for now is pray for those who are dead and effected.

 Honestly speaking, these events have humbled me. I have come to realise my own insignificance in this great big universe full of secrets. Did you get to hear about the girl who was scared of flying because she once had a dream that her plane would crash with her in it? Finally when she did fly, she died when her plane crashed in Margalla Hills last Wednesday. Her dream came true.

 In the big picture we are only specks. Just like th mayor or any citizen of “Whoville” inside the teeny tiny speck that no one but Horton the elephant can’t even see but only hear. We plan our future, and using up on our present. But ultimately, things never fall according to plan and “life” happens. Call it fate or life, but it is a constant reminder of how insignificant our own individual selves are as compared to what we contribute in the big picture.

P.S. Please take a few minutes to say a prayer for all the “whos” who died. Thank you.

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