>Stalin was right


Picture from bbc.co.uk

I hate to admit it, but Stalin was right. One death is a tragedy, thousands statistics.

 Last time I checked, death toll because of  flood was 1400 all over Pakistan. 1400 is the reported figure, how many perished who were not reported, while they were travelling or due to outbreak of disease is another matter.

 Sorry to say our journalists except few have proved to be no better than our politicians. While I heard the term “national tragedy” for the plane crash over and over, I heard no such thing for the flood. On a talk show right now, Sharmeela Farouqi and Ameen Khattak are drawing daggers at each other. If only they took half the effort to overlook relief operations, hundereds of lives could be saved.

 While the death of Raza Haider is a tragedy, along wit many innocent people, many of them members of MQM and ANP who are killing each other. But what wrong did the thousands of people who are dying only because of lack of attention do to anyone?

 Stalin was so right. Larger statistics will get more sympathy donations. Statistics are more important, not people. 



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5 responses to “>Stalin was right

  1. >very well said…good one 🙂

  2. >this anonymous person is Manam btw

  3. >good one…its just the fact that tragedy after tragedy is hitting

  4. >gussaaa!!!i kno u hav gud reason for it.but y dont mak lil mor efot call out TV channls on fon or via email to bring mor attn on flood and write to ur PM.im sure it wont do mch but atleast u did ur part!

  5. >Good question. Why don't I? What I mean by lack of attention is the lack of attention to their relief operation, not coverage.

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