Pathan Mahajir Bhai Bhai Hain
By Sidrah Roghay
“Baji my area has become very dangerous. There was firing the whole night. Aik taraf pathan aik taraf mahajir. I live in the middle.” My Mali began giving me live commentary of the night’s details.
Last night a message calling the attention of media personnel to their particular areas circulated. It said that Pathans had surrounded their areas and were attacking their houses. Food supply was low, there was no electricity and mobile batteries were running out. I received the same message half a dozen times myself, and I had suspicions that it was propaganda of a mainstream party in Karachi.
My suspicion proved right when today’s newspaper published a statement by the same party which accused the provincial administration of “doing nothing to rescue a number of Urdu-speaking families in troubled parts of Qasba Colony and Orangi Town”. A friend who worked as crime reporter in a leading newspaper in Pakistan confirmed it further by stating that the messages were circulated by the media cell of the same party.
By stating all this I do not mean to offend supporters of any political faction. It is just the fact that in these times of insanity it is particularly difficult to maintain sanity. Panic is easily spread. Media has its own sources of obtaining news and surely forward messages cancel out as a viable source.
What you say or spread should be checked and rechecked several times, because word of mouth spreads like wild fire. Unknowingly you become part of the hate chain. Karachi for years has been known as a cosmopolitan, a melting point for all ethnic groups and sects.
Let’s love it for its diversity. Pathan-Mahajir Bhai Bhai Hain! And with this it is about time Karachites get out of their houses and flock on to their workplaces, schools and universities. Let their be light again!



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  1. >very true…this has to stop..

  2. >The sad part is the people doing it dont have conscience

  3. >It's a power game, the Mohajirs did the same with Sindhis when they came to Karachi … they kicked them out of this place, now they know that history can repeat itself ! and about the "Bhai-Bhai" thing I think this whole nation is fed up with this … "Pakistani bhai-bhai, sub Musalmaan bhai-bhai" etc. Grow up !

  4. >so whoever kicks whoever out doesn't matter, its not rite!!!u can't kick citizens out!

  5. >A hell lot happens in this country which is not right but we seem to get used to it. We are used to nepotism, favoritism, corruption, lawlessness, suicide bombings etc. its just a matter of time that we will add target killings to this great-grand list of our national attributes …

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