>Just a shoe?


It’s shouldn’t be a surprise Mr. Zardari beat Bush in the tussle for could gather more humiliation. Bush got a shoe from an Iraqi, but our president got a shoe thrown at him from his own people. At least Americans were at war with Iraq to have deserved a shoe throw from one of their nationals.
The fact that surprises me is that it was only a shoe. I mean, all his actions so far have done nothing but harm his own country and even his party. I don’t think he deserved the shoe. He deserved much more!

The first thing that came out my mother’s mouth after she heard what had happened was, “Bohat acha hua! Bohat acha hua!” I am sure no self respecting Pakistani would have thought anything else, other than it was “only” a shoe. His thick skin deserves so much better, and bigger. Like, for example …Urm, I can’t think of any to match his level of humiliation.

Come to think of it, would the auction story of the unfortunate shoe be repeated? Will anyone buy the shoes which have attempted to chip off a hair’s breadth of our president’s thick skin? You want to know what I find even more absurd? The people on damage control. By their statements it seems that Pakistanis share the level of understanding of Mr. Zardari, which is clearly not the case. According to them something happening in the back rows of the hall is not of consequence. But a shoe did fly across the hall. If I give them the benefit of the doubt, then maybe the shoe was meant for the thrower’s friend who had borrowed money but hadn’t returned it yet?

It’s not impossible. I stopped getting surprised after our president came to power.


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4 responses to “>Just a shoe?

  1. >Ya i am agreed with the overall said above but the thing is how can we control the frustration of the people who has been disappointed & irritated by their Leader's progress.You can't have a control over people mentality

  2. >jootay ki bhi tou koi "self-respect" hai yar 😀

  3. >aahahah… i love maimoona's comment here :Pbtw, i have been planning to write on exactly the same topic – just a shoe? – but couldn't – rains, no internet and other busynesses. 🙂

  4. >I am glad I did it before you then!! 🙂

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