By Sidrah Roghay

The man in the picture is bleeding. He was hit by a five inch thick wooden stick for attempting to break into an empty shop to sell milk at an IDP camp. Even though the IDPs are temporary occupants of the camps some of them believe it is their right to do business in the area.

The shop belonged to neither of the two parties. While the former was taking advantage of the fact that there were “potential customers” in the area, the later was taking advantage of the fact that the government had rehabilitated them in a seemingly proper area. Moral of the story—- both parties were forcibly snatching what was not their.

It is said that the best time to check the true spirit of a nation is at the helm of a calamity. You see the best and worst then.

A visit to an IDP camp hosting 8000 people brought forward scenes of Rwanda and Ethiopia that I had seen only in movies. Instead of queing people would push, shove and trample each other. Residents claimed that in the hullabaloo of filling water from the tanks two children died a tragic death by drowning.

Darwin believed in “survial of the fittest”. The women and children who were physically weaker would either stand in corners waiting for their turn that never came, or ask other men to get things for them.

An ngo known for feeding the poor through out the city would give meal twice a day. Sadly, the roti would be stale and residents complained of stomach problems caused by it.

A small ray of hope was a group of school boys who had come to the camp personally to make sure that their collection does not get lost somewhere and ended up with the deserving.

I hope you grow up to be fine young men, boys!


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2 responses to “>A NATION AT ITS BEST

  1. >I suppose "hullabaloo" is the right expression, not hulaboo ! I agree to that fact that the best time to check the true spirit of a nation is at the helm of a calamity. Even in a relatively peaceful environment, the people of this country act more like a horde of chimps but you cannot blame them as most of the times this nation found itself in some sort of crisis or disaster !

  2. >thanks for the correction God Rugal

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