By Sidrah Roghay

Lately, I’ve been trying to not read the newspaper too much, it depresses me. But then on second thought I tell myself that closing my eyes to reality might make it seem less real, but would not in anyway change circumstances.

Breaches by politicians to save their lands, the sialkot incident, the cricket scandal and now the blast on Hazrat Ali’s procession. It seems there is little if any hope left for an average Pakistani.

I sometimes wonder if this is the end. This is where a full stop to a nation state comes.

I grapple for hope.

But on and off I witness a rainbow around the corner: school boys raising funds for flood victims on traffic signals, citizens coming in hoards to volunteer at camps, men leaving their seats for women and choosing to stand on the sides on trucks carrying volunteers to warehouses, regular people showing up at camps to ask if “theres any thing else needed”.

Maybe, we will survive.


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  1. >.thats what we call positive approach towards things.. šŸ™‚

  2. >such a positive writing. thats the way you see the world šŸ™‚

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