>2 kg Chanaa


Tehmina Qureshi

I had an interesting encounter today with a university fellow of mine, whom I had gotten to know when I went with a group he had arranged to volunteer for flood relief in an Army base. I got a message from him, asking me to go to the Governor House this evening- for packing, he said.

Curious, I asked, what they were going to pack.
“Gifts”, he told me.
I was confused, “gifts for whom? The Governor?”. He told me that they would be Eid gifts from the Governor,  for the flood affected children.

Gifts? Seriously???

I told him I couldn’t come, and added when the government is failing to provide proper food, how could they think that giving ‘gifts’ would be a good idea?
In reply I got a tirade, telling me to go and feed the people myslef. I should sell my cell phone, he said, and buy a couple of kilos of chanaas with it- and donate it.
I asked him when he plans to sell his own cell phone. “Why should I sell my cell phone?”, was his response.
“Since you have asked me to sell mine, I thought you would be doing the same. Simple”, I told him.
He said that I should do it, since I was the one who gave criticism.
He was right, I smiled and gave in. But he wasn’t satisfied. When I didn’t respond, he continued to lecture me with “see, how easy it is to criticise others?”, and such. 
I said, “yes, you are right. It is very easy to criticise others, you are doing it yourself!” 

He changed the subject.


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13 responses to “>2 kg Chanaa

  1. >Aaalllaaa Tehmina…. Bohut Achay !!! And Who is THis "ANMOL RATAN" who said this RUbbish ?

  2. >Haha… girl there is so much more to experience πŸ˜›

  3. >hhehhehehe….i got a similar message i know who are u taking abt =D

  4. >Areeba, I can't tell you. πŸ™‚ Azmina, keep it to yourself!!

  5. >buhahahahaha!! πŸ˜›

  6. >hmmm. achi baat kahi gai hai..

  7. >Flood affected people need our help in all fields, though we shouldnot make them dependant on us.We should instead provide them with the opportunities by which they can earn their livelihoods.As far as Eid gifts are concerned,I'm hurt Tehmina with your POV.Either you couldnt convey your opinion properly or may be I havenot perceived it properly.Flood affectees lost everything in the flood,their homes,their cattles.They came here begging for help.These little things do matter girl. With the monthly packs of "RASHAN",EID GIFTS may help them to decorate their innocent children lips' with a smile- A smile whose imposrtance you,me or any one can not understand but their parents!!We donot need to sell our cell phones and other necessities to help them.We just need to make a place in our heart for our needy brothers.Today,its them who need help,tomorrow it can be us too!

  8. >Reebz, this post wasn't about Eid gifts or raashan. It was about how quick we are to belittle the efforts of others. I began, and realised my mistake. But the person whom I wrote about apparently didn't. Thats my point.

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