By Sidrah Gufran Roghay
It is said that Hitler would never have been born if the treaty of Versailles had not been signed. While Germany still remembers Hitler as a saviour, the world recognizes him as a monster responsible for the holocaust. I believe the only place where Hitler went wrong was the fact that he became overly nationalistic. In doing so he trampled the rights of many a nations. His policy of Lebensraum, (gaining living space for Germans) historians say led to the Second World War.
And this I believe is the drawback of nationalism. It makes you selfish, and you cease to look beyond your territorial boundaries. “Patriotism is a positive quality” we are taught, and to be a patriotic Pakistani it becomes incumbent upon us to hate India. A life lost in your country becomes more important than a genocide being conducted elsewhere.
This feeling narrows down to your religion, your ethnicity and your social circle.
Amidst all this hullabaloo human values get lost. Human rights and humane behaviour goes down the drain. You stop to stand up for human beings as human beings. And then when one fine day your family and your rights are targeted you wonder why the world does not stand up for you and when it became this heartless!


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6 responses to “>A HEARTLESS WORLD!

  1. >very good 😛 this means whatever u learnt in class on thrusday went inside ur brain instead of outta the other ear 😛

  2. >Hail HITLER… we need one like him for Pakistan, as soon as possible…

  3. >Very nice. You articulated it pretty well.~Anti-tribalism~(Y)

  4. >I share the same POV as of Tauseef :d

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