>The Theory of Evolution


by Sidrah Roghay
Dinosaurs inhabited this earth for a period of 160 million years ago. Their extinction began during the Jurassic period due to extreme climatic changes. Scientists believe this period was marked by frequent floods and volcanos. The eco-system was changing rapidly, and oxygen levels in the atmosphere decreased from 31% to the present 21%.
Herbivores could not find that particular plant that they were accustomed to. Most avian dinosaurs could no longer breathe in the thinning atmosheric oxygen. The only dinosaurs that could survive were the ones that evolved. Fossil records show that the modern bird can be traced back to one particular type of dinosaur.
“Survival of the fittest” was a statement Charles Darwin came up with. Darwin should have been a social scientist, for when applied to biology the theory of evolution may have certain loopholes, but it suits the society in general to perfection.
Societies that evolve survive, others become extinct.
Put this theory to families that stick to conventional rules, religious institutes that fail to revise laws with time, countries which follow colonial systems and the world which sticks to age old macro-ideologies – the jigsaw puzzle would make sense.
Change is the order of the day. Flexibility and revision is a requirement. It’s a rat race out there and the choice is relatively a simple one; evolution or extinction.

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  1. >Nice comparison.. ! and nice pic too 😀

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