>A piece of my mind

>It’s endless. It would be pitch dark but for the numerous blinking specks of light buzzing about in every direction.

One corner is brightly lit up. it casts a pale cloud over the darkness with the specks buzzing through it, cutting its brightness with their own.

In the bright corner, about a dozen people sit around a table, writing. A boy stares into space, deep in thought. Two girls whisper and one writes something for the other.

there is another corner, so far away that its own depth absorbs its brightness.Here, a girl practices to shoot. she fires, jerks back from the force of the recoil, missing the aim. The corners of her mouth set in even deeper with determination.

Suddenly a voice booms, “Tomorrow we will have a reading session, and you will have to read one of your writings.”

From somewhere in the middle of the pale blanket over the dark labyrinth, a group of specks gradually rise. they buzz around here and there, collide, creating a spray of even tinier embers, before finally converging and moving further and further to the back. They make their way through flesh, bones and blood, and reach the hands.

 Outside, Tehmina picks up her pen and begins to write.


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12 responses to “>A piece of my mind

  1. >very different good i like it…

  2. >hahahahaha that was kinda cool.. for a moment i confused it with some poetrish thing

  3. >Nice..freudian… I enjoyed it…

  4. >hats off…:):)Meri nazar main to isay English ka "afsana" hi kaha jaye ga… Baqi english main jo bhi sinf ho… behtareen janab..

  5. >awesome awesome awesome :)))

  6. >Fawad: Freudian! LOL! Tahanks 🙂 Omair and Tauseef thank you too 🙂

  7. >mei aise hi nai kehta k tehmina , tehmina hai :)( pehchan kaun ??????????)

  8. >i never thought it would end the way it did…very nice execution…pretty cool!!

  9. >Thank you Fahad! Appreciate it.

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