>Modernism as Tagore puts it

>”Modernising is a mere affecatation of modernism, just as an affectation of poesy is poetising. It is nothing but mimicry, only affectation is louder than the original, and it is too literal. One must bear in mind that those who have the true modern spirit need not modernise, just as those who are truly brave are not braggarts. Modernism is not in the dress of the Europeans, or in the hideous structures where their children are interned when they take their lessons, or in the square houses with flat straight wall-surfaces, pierced with parallel lines of windows, where these people are caged in their lifetime; certainly modernism is not in their ladies’ bonnets, carrying on them loads of incongruities. These are not modern but merely European.
True modernism is freedom of mind, not slavery of taste. It is independence of thought and action, not tutelage under European schoolmasters. It is science but not its wrong application in life-a mere imitation of our science teachers who reduce it into superstition, absurdly imposing its aid for all impossible purposes.
Life based upon mere science is attractive to some men, because it has all the charecterisitics of sport; it feigns seriousness, but is not profound. When you go a-hunting, the less pity you have the better; for your one object is to chase the game and kill it, to feel that you are the greater animal, that your method of destruction is thorough and scientific. And the life of science is that supeficial life. It pursues success with skill and thoroughness, and takes no account of the higher nature of man. But those whose minds are crude enough to plan their lives upon the supposition that man is merely a hunter and his paradise the paradise of sportsmen will be rudely awakened in the midst of their trophies of skeleton and skulls.”

Rabindranath Tagore- from his lectures in Japan 19196-1917.



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4 responses to “>Modernism as Tagore puts it

  1. >A-W-E-S-O-M-E….loved it….:D…thanks for sharing

  2. >Basic stuff..But well said… very well said..many people think the similar..Act differently..

  3. >thanks all….ill be putting more of his works soon. this guy is impressive:)

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