>An ode to life

>It has been thirty two days since I sat outside a dilapidated emergency ward praying to dear God to save my friends life; today, we held hands and walked together. Miracles happen, if not every day, every once in a while. It is God’s own way of sending us a little reminder that He still loves us.

All of life’s cliches do have some substance in them. People still risk their lives for others, they still hold on till the end. Supermen are not just imaginary characters, real life supermen actually walk on earth.

Sometimes life does give second chances, and some incidents in life do make life long bonds. They might fade out, but they leave lasting imprints.

And life is beautiful!


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5 responses to “>An ode to life

  1. >lady i must say , each and every word is so full of life and inspiration !God bless you all :)Ahsan Raza

  2. >loved it….love u rizvi =D

  3. >having ppl like u in my life is a blessing in itself.

  4. >Life is beautiful – alhamdulillah! inspiring post! great job!Naureen

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