Watch out *******!!!

I admit I curse when I drive. Quite often. It just pops out of my mouth before I know I said it. And I admit too, that I love it!

Anyone who has driven a car in Karachi will understand what I am talking about here. The traffic is mad! Not that I need to tell you. If it’s not the motorbike drivers driving you insane with them zooming past you from the wrong side, bursting your eardrums while at it,  it is the impatient angry uncle behind your car driving you bonkers with continuously honking for no reason. He will continue to honk even while you are standing at a red signal, at everyone and anyone who is in front of him. Then there are drivers who just absolutely hate it when another car overtakes them. Before being overtaken they would be going at a snail’s pace but as soon as another car overtakes them they will immediately take that as a personal affront and literally drive you off the road while tailing your car and honking like crazy.

To cut the long story short, driving, at least in Karachi can be stressful. So while I drive and while all of these irritating experiences drive me nuts, I choose to vent. And I do that while muttering, shouting, or just saying it through clenched teeth- plain old ****.

It actually is a very good way to let off steam.  Whether all your day was wasted at university because of a petty fight between two gangs of political parties, or your tea was bad this morning, if you couldn’t find a pair of matching socks, or overslept, or the boss is being a plain jerk, you can take out all your frustrations on the road with the excellent excuse of really bad traffic. Quite often, I find that when the traffic has been worse than usual, I actually feel better when reaching home. That happens because I leave my  and the roads’ troubles on the road with lots of pretty names in between.
There are times when my dad is sitting beside me. The traffic irritates him as much as it irritates me at times. Yes I know, like father like daughter. Calling out pretty names when he is there becomes a bonding experience. I have the perfect excuse for venting, even more so when he is shouting at me because the traffic is bananas.

Some days are better, when there is no irritating honking and people walking on the road like its a park. Some days are worse, both in terms of traffic and my mood. So while I am at the wheel, and anyone shows some lack of civic and driving sense, I call them very nice names!

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