Things I hate about being an intern

1. The boss’s secretary sends you to get her lunch packed in a box from the cafeteria.
2. If I am free, organising ‘your’ filing cabinet is my job.
3. Being the pigeon. People make you carry all sorts of messages and packages, no matter how stupid, to the far and dreary corners of the office.
4. Assumptions. If I am an intern, I am automatically stupid.
5. Assumptions. I am an intern I am always wrong, even if ‘you’ are making a mistake.
6. The attitude. People feel the urge to boss you around for absolutely no reason because they aren’t heard otherwise…
7. If I am doing all your work, at least have the courtesy of not shouting at me for making a mistake.
8. I am human. Not a computer. When I finish my work I will give it to you! Your nagging does not make me do it quicker!

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