Why will I miss Bashir Qureshi

I may never have actually seen, met, or talked to Bashir Qureshi but I will miss him. People remember him as a role model, champion of Sindh’s rights and much more. But for me Bashir Qureshi and his party Jiay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz made my day on slow news days. 


On he days when no other politician would say something nasty about someone else, no rallies and we had no idea what to fill pages with… as if by karma Bashir Qureshi would always say something THAT particular day. 

And man did BQ have style. Only he could make the fascist anti-Punjabi comments sound the way he did. Anyone else uttered them, they would be dead meat by the next day. But our BQ here would not only say things like Sindh was occupied by Punjab, he actually managed to make it sound sensible and believable. 



He died of a heart attack but his party members suspect that he was poisoned. What remains to be seen is that if like me they think it was obviously the Punjabis who did it. 

Sir, you will be missed. Especially on a dull news day. 

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