>The winds of Change

A story I did in my early university days (2010) as a project for an independent research organisation called Collective for Social Sciences Research, in collaboration with an NGO called PANOS. A group of us visited the deserted but charming island to observe development work in the area.



We have had our first official tour of Kharo Chhan, a small fishing village 150 kilometres away from Karachi, surrounded by the Sindhu Naddi (as the locals call it) and the Arabian Sea. We’re sitting in the veranda of the cosy thatched house of J Khatti the local dispenser who is our host. It getting dark and we are pleasantly surprised to see the light from one bulb dangling from a wire stretched across the pillars of the roof of the veranda. Sidra, my friend, jokes about how we carried torches and a load of batteries for nothing. Our happiness turns to disappointment when the light disappears with a gust of wind. J gives a knowing smile and quietly gets up to light a lantern.
Kharo Chhan was not what it is now. Before the 1940’s it used to be a very prosperous port city, bustling with richness and…

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